Submissions, Invitations & Disclosures

Sampling wines in the Languedoc

Sampling wines in the Languedoc

Disclosure & Advertisements


I am a Wine Educator, writer and teacher.  Sometimes I attend events or receive samples of wine or related products from producers or their agents. I am not affiliated with any wine shop, retailers or wine marketing firms. My husband is a winemaker, as you can read on the “About Us” page at

It is not my intention to write wine ‘reviews’ or give points or scores.  I prefer to talk about the winery, the region, the grapes and  the production of a wine.  I will, on occasion, pen a description of a wine I have tasted and enjoyed.  Same goes for restaurants, wine regions, wineries and so on.

When that wine has been submitted for review I will mention that fact in the post.  Sometimes it is and many times I purchase the wine or product myself… just like everyone else.

If I am fortunate enough to be hosted on a familiarization trip, attend a sponsored meal or event, this will be mentioned in the post. I write about what I enjoyed and observed in an objective manner.  If there are ‘strings attached’ then I will not take part.

At this time, I do not have any advertisements on my blogs.  Should someone I review favorably every wants to run an ad, I would be happy to do so.  Monetizing my  website, without compromising my integrity, is highly desirable AND ethical.


Wine, Books and other Product Samples


I am delighted to accept wine, book and product samples for review and discussion on my blog(s).  Please be aware that acceptance of samples is not a guarantee that they will be mentioned on the blog, website or social media. I reserve the right not to review.

Please complete the contact form below, including your company name in the ‘Comments’ field, if your would like to submit samples.

When shipping samples, we appreciate environmentally friendly packaging, when possible.  Kindly email us with the tracking number as we are not responsible for lost or damaged items.  Please include the following information if applicable: Technical Sheets, retail price and distributor/retail information.


Press Trips, Junkets and Other Invitations

Visiting wine regions, enjoying the cuisine, meeting the people…… these are all important elements in learning about wine in order to share the information and impressions with my readers.  Over the years I’ve been fortunate to travel to many parts of California, Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, as well as Burgundy, the Languedoc, Rhone and Provence regions of France.
I am always interested in exploring new parts of the wine world.  All invitations are happily considered but please note that, if accepted, there are no promises made to report in a positive – or negative – manner.  Kindly contact me using the contact form shown below.


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