Five great reasons to love rosé wines from Provence

It’s official – America has a big, huge, delicious crush on the rosé wines of Provence. According to Nielson polling, approximately half of all the pink wine purchased in the United States last year was from Provence. Not surprising – after all, this region is the ancient home of rosé and they set the standards for the style, but what is it about these wines from the sunny south of France that has beguiled the American wine drinker? Here are a few ideas:



It looks like Springtime: Although rosé can vary in color from faintly pink through to deeper raspberry, and every shade in between, the delicate appearance makes us think of the first warm days that herald Spring. Think cherry blossoms, roses and juicy strawberries!

It smells like Summer: Those sensual aromas of ripe, plum, red berries, mingled with a bit of cranberry, tangerine and perhaps a whisper of spice – rosé is truly the spirit of summer in a bottle. What better to cool off the heat of a sun filled afternoon than a chilled glass of rose?

A new vintage is on its way: Rosè is not a wine you put away for a special occasion. This is a wine you drink while it’s vibrant, young and fresh, so keep an eye on the shelves of your favorite wine shop and stock up as soon as they appear. Many distributors may only get a case or two from a few producers and they will disappear quickly as more and more buyers learn about the joys of these French rosè.

It’s a ‘Sipper’ – Most Provence rosès are on the lower end of the alcohol scale, with an average of 12% alcohol by volume. This means that you can enjoy more than one glass without feeling too tipsy! Now, this doesn’t mean you should consider it en par with non-alcoholic beverages; it is still booze, after all!

It’s a ‘foodie wine’ – Warmer weather means lighter fare – salads, charcuterie and cheese plates, pastas and picnics – that beg for a lighter, refreshingly crisp wine. Provence rose is happy to answer the call. These wines have a palate cleansing quality that enhances the flavors of a wide range of cuisines making them a perfect pairing.

Embrace Provence rosè -the harbinger of Spring. It seems American has got the message.

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